•Co-founder/ Editor/ Writer of Life Sucks Die Magazine
•Been doing graffiti since 1991
•One of the Founding Members of Burlesque Design (Minneapolis)
•Designed/ illustrated album artwork for Rhyme Sayers Entertainment (Minneapolis)
•Attended to 'Disrupt the System' Graffiti Jam in Aukland New Zealand 2003
•Member of the Seventh Letter Crew since 2002, including:
exhibiting artwork in Los Angeles USA, Tokyo Japan, Taipei Taiwan, Barcelona Spain, and Suwon Korea
•New Era/ The Seventh Letter Collaboration
•Feature in Juxtapoz Magazine's TSL issue
•Graphic Designer/ member of the RVCA Artist Network Program 2004-2011
•Writer/ Editor for Lords of Apathy blog
•Participant in Disney's Bloc 28 Artist Project
•Solo painting exhibition 'Revisionist History' at Known Gallery February 2011